Dust Collection Products

Dust Collection Applications

FilterPro Services Canada has access to some of the world’s largest manufacturers of dust collection products for removing and controlling airborne particulates. Because the need for clean air is universal, FilterPro Services Canada supplies dust collector cartridges and bags used in all types of dust collector systems, regardless of the original manufacturer. The scope of applications is unlimited and ranges from mining and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to machining and food manufacturing processes.

Dust Collection Services

From industrial plants, mines, lumber mills, pharmaceutical manufacturing and numerous other industries, FilterPro Services Canada offers competitive rates on dust collection products and installation service with utmost emphasis on safety, quality workmanship, and professionalism. Contact us today to discuss a service solution that’s best suited to your facility.

Please note that we do not offer service work on hazardous waste dust collector systems at this time.


With professional care and attention, many of todays dust collector cartridges and filter bags can be cleaned and returned to service at a fraction of replacing them with new. Not only is there an economical benefit commonly exceeding 60%, the environmental impact is greatly reduced by keeping these filters from unnecessarily or prematurely ending up in our local and regional landfills.

Contact us today to confirm if the products your facility is using, or could be using, would confirm the hard and soft cost savings found through a proper filter cleaning service program.

Dust Collection Products