Municipal Solution


The collection of waste water through force mains, pump stations, lift stations or at the waste water treatment plants themselves, often leads to the escapement of problematic odorous gas. These municipal collection systems pose unique and challenging requirements and one that is well known to FilterPro Services Canada. Whether it’s a 100 CFM passive air relief scrubber or actively capturing over 30,000 CFM of nuisance odors to ensure todays growing municipalities remain good neighbors in the face of urban development and expansion, FilterPro Services Canada has solutions.

FilterPro Services Canada offers proven, high performance molecular filtration solutions for all municipal odor and corrosion control applications. Additionally, we offer full service programs to accompany the products we sell in the municipal market which range from vacuum trucks, crane trucks, pressure washing services and anything in between.

Municipal Services


Municipal water and wastewater treatment sites can offer unique filtration requirements. FilterPro Services Canada Ltd. will meet and exceed your expectations to supply and install particulate filtration products with utmost emphasis on safety, professionalism and reduced life cycle cost. Contact us today to discuss a custom service solution that’s best suited to your municipal system or facility.


Molecular or gas-phase filtration is one of our core strengths and we service systems from 100 CFM drum scrubbers to 40,000 CFM deep bed scrubbers and everything in between. Regardless if the molecular filtration system is there for odor control or corrosion control, there’s continuous requirement to monitor and maintain these systems to ensure effective operation. FilterPro Services Canada has the trained service personnel, vacuum trucks, crane trucks and expertise to maintain your molecular filtration systems. Providing safe, professional and cost effective service while assisting our customers avoid the high costs of poor filtration is job one.


Whether its a new municipal facility with no baseline data to create a proactive filtration management program or fine-tuning an existing one, FilterPro Services Canada is able to provide a thorough audit of your filtration systems to develop this baseline along with recommendations to drive improved air quality and/or reduced long-term operation and maintenance costs. Complete the online form or give us a call today.


FilterPro Services Canada offers a full spectrum of both particulate and molecular filtration retrofit solutions within the municipal sector. Whether the need is for higher efficiency particulate filtration for improved air quality within an administration building or eliminating contaminant gases to prevent odors or corrosion, we're able to offer design assistance and turnkey retrofit solutions. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist.

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Municipal Products

Impregnated Activated Carbon

Engineered Oxidant Media

Virgin Activated Carbon

Potassium Carbon Blend

Wide Spectrum Triple Blend


  • Internal welded wire frames prevents filter collapse or degradation in high humidity or high dust loading conditions.
  • Single Ply WSP’s are designed for light to moderate applications such as those used on fancoils or heat pumps.
  • 2-Ply MERV 7 WSP’s are used in moderate to heavy dust loading conditions. Suited to anywhere a conventional 2" pre-filter is used at present.
  • 3-Ply MERV 8 WSP’s are used in moderate to heavy dust loading conditions on their own or as pre-filters to high efficiency secondary filters.
  • Self sealing design
  • Reduced storage and disposal versus cardboard framed filters


The WSC is offered in a variety of different medias; single ply, 2-ply or 3-ply construction in depths from 12 inches to 24 inches.


Although industry standard in pleated panel filters is MERV 8 efficiency, for reduced labour, material and landfill waste, we highly recommend the heavy duty MERV 10 pleat as this product is constructed with a welded wire grid on the air leaving side of the pleat pack to maintain integrity in high dust load or humid operating conditions for extended service life and reduced cost of ownership.



  • MERV 11, MERV 13 and MERV 14 efficiencies and constructed of aluminized steel
  • Can be recycled whereby only the spent filter media is sent to landfill
  • Commonly used in either side access housings or front access holding frames using a wide variety of pre-filters depending on application and site requirements


  • Available in MERV 11, MERV 14, MERV 15 and MERV 16 efficiencies
  • Constructed of wet-laid micro glass media to eliminate downstream dust and fiber shedding
  • Plastic frame creates an exceptionally strong yet lightweight filter
  • Low initial pressure drop and high dust holding capacity
  • Dual direction media for front or reverse mount installations
  • Built-in handle eases transportation and installation
  • Longer filter life with lower replacement and maintenance costs
  • Sustainable component for LEED/Green Building initiative


  • Wide range of filter housings available from 500 CFM to over 40,000 CFM
  • Galvanized Steel, Double Wall Aluminum or 304 Stainless Steel
  • Single stage particulate, dual stage particulate, single or multi-stage carbon, HEPA, Bag-In Bag-Out (BIBO) containment housings and isolation dampers.
  • Numerous options available and we can customize to meet specific site requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project.